How To Get The Perfect Haircut According To The Shape Of Your...

How To Get The Perfect Haircut According To The Shape Of Your Face


Haircuts speak volumes about our personality. And hair is a very valuable asset nowadays. A nice lion mane will turn any simple-looking person into a Hollywood superstar diva. However, not all haircuts look picture perfect on every girl. In fact, we often believe the reflection the mirror gives us is flawed and ugly, when in reality, we have just failed to find the exact hairdo that makes us feel –and look- like a rock star!  Here’s how to find the perfect haircut that will look perfect on your beautiful face.


Square shaped face

Measure the length and width of your cheekbones and the distance between your forehead and your chin. If the measures are all identical and symmetrical, you’ll want to distract the focus from your straight jaw line and focus on your eyes and cheekbones. Therefore, if your face is square, a chin-wrapping hairdo –like a bob- will enhance your features while toning down the rigidness of your jaw line.



Heart-shaped face

One of the most versatile of faces, this shaped allows you to take risks with your hair and get away with it (almost every time!). Bring out the wild (or more formal) side with a pixie, or aim for a long-layered approach. Either way, as long as you can draw all the attention to your eyes, the sky is the limit. Pro tip: heart-shaped faces are prone to boasting wide foreheads. Try some killer bangs for the perfect touch to a perfect haircut.



Oval shaped

This type is easily recognizable as a half-long, half-curvy face. So you have to deal with some of the hassles a long faced person suffers as well as a few of the perks of a rounded shaped face. The good news is that if your face is oval-shaped, a medium shoulder-length hairdo with layers will do wonders to wrap your features and provide structure to your facial bones. This haircut also works for ladies with fine hair, as it teases volume and gives it that extra “oomph.”


Round face

Draw attention away from your facial curves with a hairdo that tends to straighten your features rather than enhance them. Loose, low layers provide volume, movement and the balance you need for your face to seem less curvy while your hair looks fuller. Think Emma Stone when she dyed her hair blonde. You can also finish this look with flyaways and have a more volumizing sexy finish. Extra short hair is not the type that normally goes with round faces, but you can get away with it if you choose an assymetric bob. Long in the front, short in the back, or long on one side and short on the opposite side.