How To Get Over A BreakUp

How To Get Over A BreakUp


The choice to end a relationship is never an easy one. It takes courage to face the decision and move on. But once you’ve gone through the initial grieving process, the world seems like a brighter, friendlier place and it’s time to focus on one person: you! Here a few things to do when you feel like you’re ready to get back out there and take the world by storm.

Visit old friends

Forget Facebook, Twitter or Facetime. Social networks might help connect people, but they are the last thing you need right now to try to take your mind off your ex. Instead, call up your favorite group of people, the pack that misses you since you started to date he-who-shall-not-be-named and get back in touch. It’s time for a much anticipated reunion. It will help you invest time on others, and your friends will definitely appreciate it.

Get a Makeover

Nothing says “new you” like a new look. When it comes to makeovers, the rule is simple: the harder the hit, the higher you rise up. So if your relationship left a hole the size of your backyard in your heart, treat yourself to a 180° change. Start with your hair –your trademark- and then upgrade your entire wardrobe. Only one thing beats the unique feeling of your sexy blooming right out of you, and that’s the devilish grin of satisfaction you’ll have after you notice your former love turn around when you walk into an event and he can barely recognize you. It’s too late now, babe.


Get out of the funk and hit the road! You are now completely detached with no commitments in the horizon. Make a list of places you’d love to visit. Start close to home, and work way outside of the country. Living a different country’s culture first hand is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have, and now is the time to venture on it.

India, Karnataka, Young female tourist photographing on top of hill in Hampi
India, Karnataka, Young female tourist photographing on top of hill in Hampi

Try New Things

In some cases, relationships become so toxic that one of the partners loses their own identity and the breakup could potentially destroy the person completely. However, ending something so inherently painful is actually an open door to a new opportunity: the chance to do what you would have never done before, mostly out of fear of what he would say about it. But now you’re free! Occupy that empty time with skills that’ll make you feel accomplished.


A breakup is the perfect excuse you need to get rid of every single thing that reminds you of your former love. From clothes to letters, to just about anything that brings him to mind, tear it all down and start over. Looking at a de-cluttered room will satisfy your need for closure.