How To Find The Perfect Dresses To Go With Your Body Type

How To Find The Perfect Dresses To Go With Your Body Type


The first step towards feeling sexy, beautiful and comfortable with one’s body is embracing your body type and loving it, realizing that there is not one ‘perfect shape’ you should be. You are already gorgeous. Weight or height don’t even matter now. Shape is the real deal here, and the sooner you figure out yours, the better you’ll know what features you want to showcase and which ones you want to hide. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up 5 different kinds of ways to dress up every body out there and bring your sexy back!


Pear-shaped body

Your hips are wider than your shoulders, but your tummy is flat and your torso is wide. Your dress should highlight your entire upper section with a plunging v neck line, thus turning attention away from your hips. Another visual way of drawing looks to the right place is to consider wearing bright colors from the waste up and darker colors to contrast from your waist down. Avoid at all costs wearing a short dress, unless you truly don’t mind breaking the rules of proportions. In that case, we salute you! Focus all your ammo on your cleavage and arms.



Wedge-shaped body

Your entire front is wide, but narrows down to a very small waist. Your legs have to be the talk of the town, so you can definitely capitalize with short dresses or vintage-style gowns that tighten up your front while loosening your waist down. Your goal here is to soften your chest and shoulders, so as to find balance and visual harmony.


Hour glass-shaped body

Your shoulders are about the same width as your hips, complete with a small waist. Highlight legs and curves with a short, fitted dress. Do not be afraid to wear tight clothing, you can pull it off! Avoid baggy or long dresses that could hide your curves.



Rectangle-shaped body

Shoulders, hips and waist at the same height complete with a slightly athletic appearance make yours a slender body. Since you don’t have to minimize any body features, you can wear just about any dress that creates more curves and highlights your feet and arms. And just rock it!


Apple-shaped body

Your weight is stationed above the waist line, compensating with killer legs. Use fashion to both highlight those stems and create the illusion of a waistline at the same time! Curves are appealing and beautiful. Wear a dress that will allow you to proudly showcase your legs and minimize your front.