How To Find the Perfect Summer Evening Dress

How To Find the Perfect Summer Evening Dress


Summer is the time to show off some skin. But you’ll only be able to make the best of it once you find a dress that makes you shine, while feeling comfortable and cool, all in one. The perfect dress is a combination of color, fit, design and fabric that works with you. This season, make the world turn around with this detailed guide to help you find the perfect summer evening dress.

The best fabrics

As the temperature rises, style also needs to be accompanied by fabrics that help the skin breath (instead of sweat). This season, the stars are lightweight materials like cotton, chambray (a woven cotton material), silk, linen and blends of all of these combined. To best enjoy the summer, avoid polyester-based fabrics such as the widely popular rayon. It might be a light weighted material, but rayon will only repel the sweat, causing to escape towards unwanted places.

Coral is The New Black

The Little Black Dress might be an all time classic, but if you’re looking for a more unique look, stay away from black. Instead, choose colors from a pastel-based palette. From white to corals, to light blue, lavender and of course the all time classic pale pink, all are viable options to make your natural skin color pop. Keep in mind that light colors reflect the sun and heat, and dark shades absorb it.

Design what will make you shine

Even the loveliest dress with the perfect fabric could still make you feel less than pretty if the design doesn’t work for your body. Before shopping for an evening dress, consider your body type and what features you’d like to highlight or hide. Firstly, a comfortable yet stylish dress needs to be loose in order to provide movement and volume to the dress. A fit dress on the chest area that falls flat towards the thighs will not help you feel comfortable. Instead, you’ll find little bulks of fabric that’ll attract all sorts of unwanted attention. Luckily, vintage is very much in and that means you can wear an hourglass-shaped dress that will secure your waist, while letting your upper and lower body parts stand out.


Length (still) matters

When it comes to dresses, finding the right length is essential to blend in events while looking sophisticated and feminine at the same time. Depending on the event –and whether you’re the host or just a random guest- the length communicates volumes about your body confidence. For important evening events such as cocktails or weddings make a powerful statement with a long dress and roman sandals. Remember comfort is king and style is queen, but that doesn’t mean you have to tone your sexiness down. Parties held outdoors call for knee-length dresses. Keep in mind that temperatures do tend to drop a few degrees after sunset, so consider getting a light coat to match the dress just in case you feel a bit chilly.