8 Ways to Shop Online And Save a TON of Money

8 Ways to Shop Online And Save a TON of Money


Much like regular on-the-spot shopping, online purchases could either make your day, your week, your month or even your year …or they could RUIN your credit and the chances of actually saving some cash. Whether you’re new to the perks of online shopping or you’ve been splurging for a while now, we can guarantee a massive save if you follow these incredible tips.


Shop during the week

Multiple studies about consumer behavior have found that the best days to shop online are week days -mainly Monday and Tuesday, as prices tend to rise over the weekend.  Several sites such as Ebay and Amazon raise their prices up to 40 % starting Thursday.


Aim for one provider

When shopping online, it’s highly advisable to find the one provider who offers the most amount of sales, rather than stocking your cart with items from different distributors. Keep in mind that the second biggest expense you could suffer aside from the item’s price tag is shipping. Therefore, finding a single provider to do all your shopping means more benefits, such as discounts in shipping, or just saving on it altogether! Some stores offer discounts for bulk orders, so you can literally shop till you drop!


Take advantage of coupons and codes

Every respectable online shopping page offers a variety of discounts and coupons that are designed to make you happy. The trick is to know how and when to use them. When shopping for an expensive item, make sure you’re able to bargain the price, be it with discounts, points or coupons offered by the page. You can also find special discounts on the description below some YouTube videos. If you, for example, want to purchase MAC products, Google the words “MAC shopping discount code”. Someone out there has a code that has your name written all over its pretty little face. Sort of speak.


Don’t shop right away

Shopping in a rush often leads to impulsive –and mostly wrong- decisions you’ll regret later. As you scroll down for sales, even if you’ve already made up your mind on the item of your choice, avoid shopping right away. Rather, try leaving your item in the shopping cart for a few hours (even days) until you get the seller’s attention. You’ll soon find discounts pouring into your email inbox trying to get you to finalize the purchase. Use that to your advantage and save a ton of money.


Choose the right credit card

If you’re a discount hunter like us, you’ll find that not only can you get a killer deal for a highly demanded item according to the day or time you choose to purchase it. Certain kinds of credit cards are also prone to enjoying some benefits over others. So the next time you get online, do some research with your favorite provider in case there are any credit card discount specials. You’ll thank us later.



Shop in the right season

In the same way there are ideal times of the day and month to get the best deals online. You can also save a ton by shopping at the end of a season rather than right in the beginning of it. Remember, the newer the item, the pricier it will be. If you choose to wait a few weeks for a certain item’s price to go down, you could find yourself saving up to 50% just for being patient.


Outsmart the dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is capitalism’s latest trick to keep consumers glued to their devices in order not to lose money. Amazon is among the online markets that offer an item at one price and hours later surprises you with a sale or discount after you already purchased it! To not lose sight of any major pricing changes, use online shopping lists that work with price tracking software –such as cammelcammelcammel or spottster.



Subscribe to keep track

Subscribe to a large array of provider’s newsletters and follow every discount under the sun. Plus, online shopping subscriptions  often are rewarded with juicy 30, 40 or 50% discounts you’ll be glad you found.