8 Items You Must Eliminate From Your Closet

8 Items You Must Eliminate From Your Closet


Your closet represents a huge part of your world. Open it and find dozens upon dozens of items you probably didn’t even remember you had. Now is a good time to de-clutter, and throw away anything and everything that just screams “What was I thinking?”. Start with these 8 items.


Anything you haven’t worn in a year

When it comes to fashion, functionality and style, there is a basic rule that will keep your closet on point. Get rid of absolutely anything that you haven’t worn in at least a year. The poor item has been sitting there for way too long and you’ve even forgotten its existence anyway. Better take it to a thrift shop and make some good money out of it.



An expensive item that has been sitting there for too long

Every closet has a ridiculously overpriced item you were tempted to purchase years ago “just because” or maybe in an attempt of buy something costly to pamper yourself. Once you actually put it on, you realized you had just made a huge mistake. Face it and sell it! Someone else would gladly treasure your trash.


Underwear that would be more useful as cleaning material

Somewhere in that chaotic world of loose fabric and diverse materials is an ocean of threads, elastics and polyester that is just making your closet look like a sad excuse of furniture. Do yourself a favor an let it go.


Items of unflattering colors

Closets hold years of history, fashion mistakes, fashion embarrassments, and then you have the downright fashion crime here and there. Anything fluorescent, too dark or with dyed down colors (time does take a toll on clothes too, you know) should not be hogging up space in your closet. It may have looked good in the nineties, but this is not high school anymore, and if it’s not even good enough to crack laughs at a Halloween party, it’s not good enough for your closet.



Tight jeans

Grab those ridiculously skinny jeans and try them on one last time. Do they still create a skin tire above the belt? It’s time to face the facts. If you couldn’t fit into it last year, you might just be facing the same situation this year, too. Items like these encourage a non too realistic aspiration, rather than help you embrace your body for what is: beautiful and unique! Upcycle, donate or sell. Either way you’ll be giving them a better use than they have now.


Worn out shoes

If the seams start to break down, if the heal is torn, if the shoe color has shifted into a sad shade of vintage, it’s over. Just toss them out and watch how your closet recovers that good old healthy fashion glow.


Impulsively shopped dresses

We’re all guilty of it sooner or later. It looked amazing on you 10 years ago, and you wore it during a confusing time of your life. Ditch that one hit wonder and move on. It’s about time you donate it or make some good money out of this vintage item to get something actually worth wearing for a change.


Your ex boyfriend’s hoodie

It’s been years, already. And you still wear it to sleep. Show yourself and the world you are over it and get over that hoodie. No matter how comfy it is. It’s not flattering, it’s not pretty and it’s about time you toss it out. Your heart and your closet will appreciate it.