6 Natural DIY Facial Cleaning Routines You Can Do at Home

6 Natural DIY Facial Cleaning Routines You Can Do at Home


Most commercial cleansers contain loads of hazardous chemicals that could have awful consequences for your skin in the long run. And they’re oh-so expensive! To make matters worse, industrial moisturizers and cleansers create dependence for your skin which makes you think that the more you use, the faster you’ll get rid of your problem. The truth is that the problem might be patched up for a few days, but it will come right back as soon as you cut off  the “treatment”. Get rid of your skin issues for good, take care of your body and save, all at once with these very easy DIY facial routines.


Coconut Oil Cleaner

A very natural cleanser, coconut oil’s antibacterial properties are the ultimate DIY cleanser, as they clean your skin while leaving no extra residue, and with no further need to use more than just a tiny bit of this homemade paste on your face to get the job done. Use coconut oil to remove any kind of moisture left in your pores at the end of the day. Apply a pint of it on a pad and massage it all over your face for about half a minute. Open your pores by applying a warm towel on the area. Wait another 30 seconds and use a washcloth to remove the oil residue.



Apple Cider Vinegar

With a PH at about the same level as the ideal human’s (5,5), apple cider vinegar is the perfect skin toner that prevents and treats breakouts, closes pores and keeps your face’s elasticity on point –neither oily nor dry. Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water and apply it on your clean face with a cotton ball or pad. Compliment every day with your moisturizer for better results. If you dislike the smell of it, wait for a few minutes to let it do the trick and then wash it thoroughly.



Honey and Lemon

Meet the perfect match when it comes to DIY cleansing routines. Combine honey’s natural antioxidant properties with lemon’s acne killing citrus and you’ll have an unbeatable mix that’s ideal to prevent breakouts while at the same time, slow down your aging process! Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of honey, and spread them across your face and neck. Let the whole compound dry and then rinse off. Try this routine daily and in just a few days your face will shine so bright people will think you’re in love!




Use yogurt’s protein and lactic acids to purify your skin completely. Yogurt happens to be a natural exfoliator, which as you apply on a daily basis, rids your skin of dead cells, reducing facial lines and hydrating it all in one. If you run out of makeup remover, you can just wipe off your makeup with a nice thick layer of yogurt. Let it rest for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.


Olive Oil

This common household ingredient is also dry skin’s best friend. Mix half a cup of oil with ¼ cup vinegar, and ¼ water and create a natural DIY night cream that will leave your skin as smooth as a baby.  Watch it effectively kill dark spots and make your skin look radiant in just a few weeks. Mother Nature is the best!


Baking Soda

While this all-time housewife favorite has proven to be the superhero of DIY natural housecleaners, you probably didn’t know its abrasive properties also work wonders on your skin as an exfoliator. Simply splash your face with a pint of baking soda mixed with abundant water and then rinse off. Pro tip: only use a pint of baking soda, otherwise your skin could suffer from irritation.