6 Beauty Trends You’ll Be Obsessed With In 2017

6 Beauty Trends You’ll Be Obsessed With In 2017


For this Spring season you’ll be pleased to find out that when it comes to makeup, day to night looks channel the 70s and 80s with an extremely minimalistic approach for eyes and lips that suit just about everyone! And Summer comes with a strong influence of bronzes, tans and golds for work great for day and nigh. Heck, they even work wonders when hitting the beach! Check out these incredible beauty trends that will make you obsessed with 2017 already.


Faux freckles and clumpy lashes

Bring out the best of the seventies with this vintage trend and look like a million bucks using nothing but a broad mascara to get those clumpy lashes. Your skin has to be immaculate so you will need a CC cream or a good foundation to achieve this level of perfection. Top it off with these sexy faux freckles using a variety of shades of brown pencil eyeliner on your cheeks for a more natural look and dare to be different. Really different!



Burgundy smokey eyes

Make your light green eyes pop out with this beautiful, sultry and stylish look. Start with a neutral red shade and brown base and a darker matte shadow to give it a neat final touch that creates depth. The combination of reds make your eyes look sultry and seductive without being too obvious.



Zendaya’s look

When Disney Channel’s “it” girl created this iconic faux tan look little did she know she’d be paving the way for a blooming make up trend that is here to stay. Zendaya does her own makeup, which means we can count on the fact that we’re wearing a look we can actually make at home from scratch. The teen star achieves this tanned look by applying a dark brown eyeliner and bronzed eye shadows that make her eyes stand out. She packs on highlighter and applies it on the apples of her cheeks, and does not forget to give her eyebrows some radical attention. Even the lipstick closes the entire look by being two shades darker than her bronzer.



Chestnut lips

Get down to business with this trendy hue, a shade so dark your lips feel like they’re covered in chocolate, but just light and shiny enough to give them a lush appearance you’ll die for. What’s there not to love?



Red lips

This Spring-Summer season, vintage is the new black; but minimalistic comes at a close second. Bare faces with pristine-looking skin with red lips trend is proof that less is more. This season, stand tall and face the streets with nothing on your face but concealer and two coats of blood red lipstick.



Sunset orange shadow

You’ll love this look if you’re into warm colors. Golden and sunset shades are the new black this season, so if you want to blend in and channel your inner America’s Next Top Model, start experimenting with different blends of orange, red and gold to create that unique beach-like, kissed-by-the-sun look. Apply some white eyeliner underneath your waterline, and make you eyes look fresh and young in just 5 seconds.