5 Ways To Lighten Up Your Hair To Look Natural

5 Ways To Lighten Up Your Hair To Look Natural


As summer approaches, now is a great time to experiment on a few strands and try to achieve that natural sun-kissed glow we all adore. Skip the salon and try these DIY natural hair dying methods and save tons of cash. Look your best … and forget the rest!


Take a tan

The easiest natural hair dying method ever is sitting under the Sun for several hours. It works for most girls. Not only will you get your hair to naturally bleach, you’ll also come out golden yourself.



Both the salty ocean and chlorine in pools make natural hair lighter. Take a swim, stay in shape and get an all natural look over the course of just a few weeks.



Rinse with vinegar

Vinegar is not only a must-have ingredient in your kitchen. You can also use it in your hair to dye it several shades lighter than your original color. After a few rinses you’ll be surprised to see how well it works.


Wash your hair with olive oil

Get that much desired ombre look with a consistent hair washing treatment using olive oil every time you shower. Plus, moisturize and soften the natural texture of your scalp with this natural approach, killing two birds with one stone.

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Make a honey mask for your hair

Aside from having tons of antioxidant and hydrating properties, a honey mask applied on a regular basis will natural dye your hair after a few weeks. Give it a shot, and save up to 100 dollars in hair dye and bleaching.