5 Pro Tips to Care for Your Hair

5 Pro Tips to Care for Your Hair


A healthy scalp speaks volumes of how much you care about your entire body’s health. Plus, it brings out your natural beauty. If your hair looks less than ideal right now, it could be due to a number of reasons. If you’re eating a balanced diet and living a fairly healthy lifestyle, consider checking these pro tips we’ve rounded up to help you improve your hair’s health.

The Power of Honey

A very easy-to-find household ingredient, honey is a natural conditioner which also helps prevent hair loss. The next time you wash your hair, try mixing 1 cup of your usual conditioner with 3 tablespoons of honey. Apply on your wet hair and let it rest for about half an hour. Say hello to your new shiny, glistening hair.

The Egg Treatment

Eggs have been used for centuries thanks to their natural moisturizing properties. A whole egg can help close and strengthen the cuticles of dry, brittle hair. Apply an entire egg on your dry hair and let it rest for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with lukewarm water.


Heat Can Be Harmful

Hair follicles are very sensitive to high temperatures. Very hot water can severely damage the scalp. For this reason specialists recommend washing your hair with lukewarm water, and, in certain hair types, avoid hair dryers as the heat can burn the cuticles, causing split ends. Ultimately, your hair should be treated with mildly warm temperature.

Strengthen Your Hair With Almond Oil

Attention all you ladies with damaged hair, nature has an answer for you as well! Almond Oil is a natural solution commonly used on scalps that have gone through several chemical procedures –such as bleaching or perms. Restore your hair’s strength with this simple recipe: heat up a small bowl of Almond Oil for 40 seconds and apply on your scalp. Let it act for about 30 minutes and then fully rinse.

Avoid washing your hair every day

While cleanliness and personal hygiene contribute to a healthy scalp, submitting it to a daily wash could also add to the natural tendency hair has to become oily and damp. Keep in mind that a daily treatment often leaves residue that ultimately could result in dandruff. By applying a quarter size portion of shampoo and a pint of conditioner every other day, you’ll contribute to keep your hair shiny, healthy and frizz-free.